"Marie Kohler's ambitious new drama THE DIG is teeming with symbolism... The plot turns on a question of what happened during an archaeological excavation in Lebanon in 1968. 
Like the different strata of artifacts found at ancient sites, THE DIG has many layers... a compelling mystery that Kohler builds quite skillfully..." 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January, 2009   

"The convoluted landscape of the human psyche can be a real challenge to bring to the stage, but Milwaukee playwright Marie Kohler does an admirable job of conveying the complexities of the mind in her new drama, THE DIG." 
Shepherd Express, January 22, 2009  

"THE DIG, by Milwaukee playwright Marie Kohler... is a family mystery that holds the audience's attention until the final curtain... THE DIG is a must-see show that deserves to have a long life after this first production." 
Total Theater, January 2009  


"BOSWELL'S DREAMS has a richness of texture and epic sweep befitting its characters. Kohler writes with a comfort and fluidity that suggests she was a fly on the wall during Boswell's time in London. The play's voice is not only genuine, it thrives in the period, tossing off little jokes and humor with a natural ease." 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,, posted March 13, 2005   

"Marie Kohler's BOSWELL'S DREAMS, performed at the Off-Broadway Theatre, encompasses two generations of James Boswell...wrapped into one enlightening and comedic escapade.", posted March, 2005   

"Kohler certainly makes these historical figures come alive. It makes me want to go right out for a copy of Johnson's dictionary and Boswell's diaries.", Time Out Reviews, posted March 16, 2005   

"Marie Kohler has done it again...One of the best voices in American theater." 
Milwaukee Magazine's "Best of 2005" (October)   



"Kohler... has written a clear, sure-handed adaptation that stays true to Defoe's story while emphasizing the question of what most influences a person's life - circumstances or free will." 
Backstage, The Performing Arts Weekly, Feb/Mar 2000

"Hands down, the surprise of the theatrical season was Marie Kohler's MIDNIGHT AND MOLL FLANDERS, an expertly written and skillfully staged joint production... " 
"Kohler's brilliant structure and use of language combined with a great cast and strong direction, making it a lively, engaging night of theater. With MIDNIGHT, Kohler moves to the forefront of new voices in Milwaukee theater." 
"Best of Milwaukee," Milwaukee Magazine, August 2000    

"MIDNIGHT AND MOLL FLANDERS is the work of a sure-handed and deft writer who succeeds where many better-known dramatists have stumbled - adapting a sprawling, large-canvas novel to the stage.""[MIDNIGHT] establishes Milwaukee writer Marie Kohler as a playwright to be taken seriously." 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 2000    

"Kohler's work brims with intelligence, solid development, good language and colorful characters."
Shepherd Express Metro, February 2000    


"Worthy of a wide audience" 
Backstage, The Performing Arts Weekly, June 1995    

"[COUNTING DAYS] is solidly conceived theater. Kohler's writing is as full of well-developed recurring themes as a finely-tuned symphony." 
Shepherd Express, May, 1995    

"COUNTING DAYS deserves productions beyond Milwaukee." 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 1995    

"Marie Kohler has written a delicately funny play with a serious foundation and an upbeat ending."
City Edition (Milwaukee), May 1995    


"Local author Marie Kohler has done a fine job adapting the 1909 classic by Gene Stratton-Porter, which just may have been one of your mother's favorite books when she was a girl." 
"The story is poignant and hopeful without being hokey. Its passionately pro-environmental message makes it very timely." 
The Capital Times, October, 1993    

"The Children's Theatre of Madison has given Kohler's touching adaptation of the popular Gene Stratton-Porter classic a solid production... " 
Milwaukee Sentinel, October, 1993    

"Milwaukee writer/actress Marie Kohler has taken that turn-of-the-century book by Gene Stratton-Porter and brought it to the stage for the first time..." 
The State Journal, October, 1993    

"Marie Kohler's A GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST... is a morality tale for children - and their adults" 
The Isthmus, October, 1993