In 1950 an American graduate student discovers lost journals from James Boswell’s wild and woolly “Tour of the Scottish Hebrides” with Samuel Johnson. She falls in love with the lively narrative and the possibility of a more authentic life.

7-9 actors (5-6M, 2-3W). Diversity welcome.

Discovering James Boswell’s lost journals, an ambitious 20th-century woman cannot resist his literary charms whilst reading of his wild and woolly adventures in A Tour of the Scottish Hebrides. Speaking through his diaries, Boswell encourages her to live her own life. Falling in love with the lively narratives, she sees a person, time and landscape wondrously revealed - as well as the possibility for a more authentic life. Heart and mind spar wittily in this delightful new adaptation from a previous work: Boswell’s Dreams.

Single set, for shift in time and place

1 hour 20 minutes

Production: Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland - 2019
Reading: Heartland Theatre Company, Normal, IL - 2019
Reading: University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, WI - 2017

Adapted from previous work: Boswell’s Dreams
Premiere Production of Boswell’s Dreams: Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee, WI - 2005

Readings / Workshops:
Heartland Theatre Company - 2018

Boswell Debuts at 2019 Fringe Festival

Marie Kohler's creative passion inspired her to fulfill this career-long dream to participate in the world’s largest arts festival – and share the experience with rising artists and local students who might otherwise not experience this international performance opportunity.

A cast of four professional Equity Actors, including Milwaukee favorites Laura Gordon (The Lady & David Garrick!), Brian Mani (Samuel Johnson) and Brian Gill (Boswell) will accompany four UW-Parkside student actors on this epic journey, a living metaphor of the play. Norma Saldivar, former UW professor now Chair of the UN-Las Vegas Theater Department, has recruited her colleague, award winning composer Josh Schmidt (Adding Machine and A Minister’s Wife) to support the project, and coordinates the collaboration between UNLV and UWP in this effort.

BOSWELL will be staged at Riddle’s Court, a 1590s historic jewel off the Royal Mile, at the foot of Edinburgh Castle. Once a Renaissance merchant’s home, later David Hume’s (Enlightenment philosopher and Boswell’s friend!), Maggie Smith made her Fringe debut here in 1959.

Community supporters have helped finance this production, including UW Parkside, the Brico Fund LLC , Stafford Rosenbaum Law Firm, the William Collins Kohler Foundation, Milwaukee Irish Fest Foundation and individual donors. Renaissance Theaterworks serves as the fiscal agent for this project, and contributions may be directed to them.