A Comic-Drama about the Power of Friendship and the Written Word

"BOSWELL'S DREAMS has a richness of texture and epic sweep...Kohler writes with a comfort and fluidity that suggests
she was a fly on the wall during Boswell's time... The play's voice is not only genuine, it thrives in the period,
tossing off little jokes and humor with a natural ease."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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7-9 actors (5-6M, 2-3W). Diversity welcome.

BOSWELL’S DREAMS is grounded in the relationship between 18th-century writers James Boswell and Samuel Johnson. The play interweaves the pair’s wild and woolly "Tour of the Scottish Hebrides" in 1773 with the 1950 discovery of Boswell's journals by Joan, an ambitious American graduate student. Speaking through his journals and bittersweet life experiences, Boswell encourages Joan to resist pressure and stand on her own, just as Johnson encouraged him. She falls in love with the lively narratives and, as a result, the possibility of a more authentic life. 

Single set, for shift in time and place

2 hours

Premiere Production: Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee, WI - 2005
Readings / Workshops:
   University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, WI - 2017
   International Centre for Women Playwrights Festival, Chicago, IL - 2007
   Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee, WI - 2003 and 2004

Susan Smith Blackburn Prize - Nominee - 2005
Best of Year - Milwaukee Magazine - 2005
Abingdon Award - Finalist - 2005
Wisconsin Wrights - Finalist - 2005


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